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Meeting the needs of the Domestic Appliance Industries

At William King Ltd our state of the art processing and material management systems, together with our reputation for quality and innovation, mean we are established as the UK market leader in service centre solutions to the appliance industry.

We provide top quality service levels and support the leading manufacturers in the domestic appliance, electronics and specialist engineering industries.

We supply the industry with the fullest range of materials in specific grades and thickness, including Mild Steel, Zinc / Galvanised coated through to Pre-painted wide parent coil and Stainless Steel grades. Our product range includes slit coil, precision cut blanks, shaped blanks, notched and pierced blanks.

Our in house polishing facility enables the development of new and unique finishes in addition to the ability to successfully match existing finishes.

At William King we combine our extensive processing capabilities, product range and industry expertise, with our just-in-time distribution to provide an integrated solution to service the needs of the appliance industry.

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