Our Environmental Policy

At William King we are committed to more efficient use of energy and materials through continuous improvement and monitoring:

  • Ensure that the environmental impact of our actions are considered fully in advance and that pollution is avoided within the law using best available techniques not entailing excessive or uneconomic costs
  • Communicate our environmental policy and our environmental objectives and targets to all our employees
  • Take care that all processes and materials used are safe both in use and in their subsequent disposal and that control of substances hazardous to health regulations (COSHH) are strictly adhered to
  • Ensure that we use resources wisely, involving the least possible energy consumption, and increase the re-use of materials.
  • Maintain a programme of measuring and communicating energy and consumables usage
  • Reduce process waste and ensure maximum productivity with minimum waste levels, through careful handling and reclamation.
  • Maintain a programme of measuring and communicating process waste levels
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